Call for contributions

In short: We are looking for new contributors, ranging from authors to translators, to editors, to team managers, etc. If you are interested in our magazine and want to get involved, please contact us at

Kinea is an alternative magazine in four languages

Since its launch in the beginning of November 2015, Kinea has been regularly publishing new articles in four different languages (English, Spanish, Catalan and French) on topics ranging from politics, to economics, to history and other human sciences, to biology and mathematics. Our readers can enjoy alternative but rigorous analyses, written and translated by contributors in various parts of the world such as Mexico, France, Spain, Argentina and Chile... allowing thus to get a broader view of the discussed topics.

All the articles are selected to respect criteria of rigor, readability and interest. They go through a reviewing and editing process that sometimes allows, in close collaboration with the author, to improve on the text which was originally sent to us.

In order to sustain our publication pace, or even increase it, in order to become even more international (and possibly add more languages), we need to be many more. We are looking for new occasional and regular contributors, from all countries, to join us to handle a very diverse set of tasks (see below).

Kinea is democratically governed

Every regular contributor gets a e-mail address which gives access to our collaboration platform, where everything happens: from editing articles, to collaboratively writing newsletters, announcements and all the rest. Editors are appointed by the team. Finally, all permanent contributors meet once a month through videoconferencing to discuss important decisions, which are then taken on a modified consensus basis.

Kinea is looking for regular and occasional contributors to assume the following roles:

We are also looking for photographers to give us a free license to their stock to illustrate our articles and the cover of our magazine.